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At ACE Sports we understand you may have some questions or concerns when booking your Children onto one of our Holiday Clubs, especially when they will be with us for a full day. We have made this page so that most frequently asked questions can be answered and explained here. However if your question or concern has not been answered on this page, please feel free to get in touch and a member of the team will be more than happy to help.

How much does it cost to book my child on to an ACE Sports Holiday Club?

£22 per day per Child or £99 for the full week. We also offer an extended day pass for just £5 per Child which allows them to stay for an extra hour in the afternoon.


What are the opening times?

A standard day is 8.30am to 4.30pm. Your Child can stay until 5.30pm with the extended day pass, which is handy for those rushing back from work.


What is the accepted age range?

Our holiday clubs are suitable for Children aged 4-12. Please be aware that if your Child is 4, they have to be in full time education (in year R in this current school year) to attend our holiday clubs)


How do I book/pay?

To book you will need to call our office or mobile number. We can take your booking and payment by credit/debit card over the phone. You can also send us an email stating the club, days, number of children you would like to book  and details of any medical conditions your Child may have. We will then send you a booking and secure payment form.


Will I receive an email confirmation?

You will receive an email confirmation with confirming your booking and further details of the venue your Child is attending once you have completed your booking and we have received payment.


What do I need to pack my Child with?

A packed lunch, a water bottle that can be refilled throughout the day and suitable clothing for sports and games. Please do not pack nuts or any foods that may have a high nut content in their lunch boxes. Phones, tablets and MP3 music players are not allowed.


Do you keep lost property?

We aim to send all Children home with the belongings they came with but if anything is left behind we will pick it up. Please call 07825 683227 if you feel your Child may have left something behind. To avoid obvious disapointment please do not pack your Children with valuables or items of great sentimental value.

Are the staff trained and adequately qualified?

Our staff are all experienced Sports Coaches that already work in Schools. All staff are internally trained, DBS checked and at least one member of staff per venue is first aid trained.


Can I pay with Childcare Vouchers?

As our main focus is being a Sports Coaching Company and not a registerd Childcare Company so we therefore  at the moment we cannot accept Childcare vouchers as payment.


Can my Child still attend if they have a disability or learning difficulty?

If you feel your Child will be able to participate and enjoy in the activities we run then yes. The team will ensure your Child is appropriately supported and look after. If your Child requires one to one support and has a gateway card then we can apply for funding through the governments 'Short Breaks' scheme so that they will have an extra ACE Sports team member to act as one to one support throughout the day.


Do you have a behaviour policy?

We do and you can request to view this when you sign your Children in or out. Our Holiday Clubs are designed to be fun and engaging for all and it makes the day for other Children and Staff very difficult if Children cannot stick to our rules and guidelines. If your Child is not behaving as we expect or is being a threat or risk to others they will be spoken to and given a chance to improve their behaviour. If poor behaviour persists though, Parents and be asked to collect their Child.


What if my Child is ill or we cannot make the day we have booked?

Please let us know as soon as you can. We can try and swap you to another day during the week or give you a refund but please be aware we cannot process refunds anything after 72 hours before the holiday season has started. For example once our first summer holiday club commences we can no longer process a refund as we have had to staff the clubs depending on the correct ratios.


I'm still not sure, Can I see what other Parents have had to say?

Yes, you will see reviews and testimonials from other Parents all over our website. You can also see Parent reviews on our offical Facebook Page,


Can we get Childrens University hours?

Yes we are an 'Official Learning Destination' so you can earn hours on our Clubs and we will stamp passports at the end of the week!